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At J & S Mears Contracting, we always put our customers first - which means only hiring the most passionate and skilled people. 
Our team are our whanau and we strive to do the best by them and create a positive work environment were in the work we do makes a diference!

Team: About

Jasen Mears


Jasen has spent a life time fighting the good fight, from a career as a young buck in the forestry industry he has naturally progresses towards environmental contracting. Jasen takes significant pride in the difference he has been able to contribute to in our environment and is only too keen to pass his knowledge and experience on to the next generation. Jasens passion is predator control and believes that necessary focus on this is required for the sustainability of our environment. Jasen still likes to consider himself one of the boys and is hands on in all aspects of the business. Outside of work Jasen enjoys all aspects of the kiwi life with his family in rural Marlborough.

Shannon Patterson


Shannon has spent much of her life in the agricultural industry of NZ both hands on and in the corporate sector. She thrives on the growth of people and seeing the difference our business can make. As well as running the garden & landscape division Shannon is more than happy to get her hands dirty out predator trapping with the boys and runs the administration side of the business. Outside of work you will probably find Shannon hunting and fishing with her family or riding her horse.


Cameron Roundhill

"fighting the good fight"

Cam is a through and through Marlborough local raised in the small town of Renwick. He has been with the team since the very beginning and is well respected by the crew as our senior conservation specialist. Cams favourite part of the job is the remote and scenic locations he gets to spend time in. After work Cam is often hard to locate due to a passion for hunting and fishing.

Jordan White

"fighting the good fight"

Jordan is a born and bred Marlborough local, raised on a dairy farm on the Northbank. He has been with the crew for just over two years and the rest of the team consider  him a mountain goat on the hill! Jordan is not shy to set a cracking pace. Chasing wilding pines is Jordans favourite job, the bigger the hill, the more exciting.

In his spare time you will find Jordan roaring around the hills on his motorbike or crawling up a gully in pursuit of his trusty hunting dogs. 


Craig Shaw

"fighting the good fight"

Craig is born and bred of Marlboroughs Onamalutu! Craig is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm who is always excited but the sight of a big hill to climb. Ouside of work Craig is likely to be found reeling in a blue cod, hauling in a butterfish on his spear gun or lugging venison out of the bush.

Rawinia Howard (Winnie)

"getting the job done"

Winnie is the latest addition to the Mears Contracting whanau, and what an addition! This Marlborough local is a pocket rocket that is not afraid to get her hands dirty and bust out a sweat! Winnie and her young family are passionate about the outdoors and enjoy spending their free time at their batch in the Sounds.


Jayden Andrell Sandoe

"fighting the good fight"

Jayden joined the Mears Contracting team looking for a role that would give him more fulfilment in his weeks. It is fair to say the crew is now his whanau and Jayden has never been happier! Jayden is like a fox terrier in the scrub, quick and nimble and gives the crew his all. Jayden is a passionate hunter, fisher and can be found in remote areas in his free time. We have also found has a knack for creating flower arrangements!

Team: Team

Brodie Tata

"Fighting the good fight"

Brodie hails from the mighty King Country where he was raised in Rural Te Kuiti. He has been with the team since the beginning of 2021 and has allready slotted in as one of the whanau. Brodie is constantly amazed in the beauty of the remote areas he gets to travel with work and is very fond of the opportunity to gather shellfish for dinners wherever possible. The crew says he make a pretty good raw fish. Outside of work Brodie a steadfast family man and enjoys to get out and about fishing when possible. Brodie and his partner are expecting a new baby in 2022 and we are excited to meet the new edition!

Kathryn Musgrove

"getting the job done"

Kathryn is a true blue Marlborough local. She was raised checking predator traps with her father and tending to gardens with her mother. So her role with Mears contracting is the perfect fit. A wife and mother of 3, her family enjoy hunting, fishing, sports and the outdoors.


Joseph Patterson

"the future of fighting the good fight"

Joseph is always itching to get out and about with the "boys" he spends every spare minute possible learning skills from the experience of the crew. He also makes a great contribution to predator control with his backyard possum trapping operation. He is counting down the years remaining at school for when he can become a full time member of the crew.

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